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Our Purpose

The Articles of Incorporation include the purpose for which the Nursing Homes Spiritual Helper was established.

  • To serve nursing homes and shelters.We serve the residents with Spiritual help-prayer as needed and /or as desired by the resident or the family.
  • Regular visits with good encouraging conversations. Gifts (for every one's birthday) issued every three months.


As we grow with our financial resources, we will expand to other states within the US. Our objective is to serve at least one nursing home in every state. Presently, we are serving two in Illinois.                                                                                                                                                                                                


Since there are about 200 or more residents in some nursing homes, we have a frugal strategy-in the future, we will buy only birthday gifts and everyone will receive a gift. The gifts will be distributed every three months to keep costs down while simultaneously making every nursing home resident happy.

We, the Nursing Homes Spiritual Helper, will stay at a nursing home for only one year, then we will move to another. This will allow this unique program to be shared with other nursing homes. Just think, in the near future, we hope to be serving in every state one nursing home at a time. These acts of kindness, to the often forgotten class, will take away some of the feared gloom of future occupants, occupants that could be anyone from anywhere at anytime.

We truly believe that we are our brother's and sister's keeper.


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