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Who We Are

The Nursing Homes Spiritual Helper

Is a public organization. It was organized in January, 2006, by Evangelist Mattie, a licensed minister. She and several volunteers served the nursing homes and shelters for two years with regular visits and by giving gifts-without any public donation. After two years of Evangelist Mattie's public funding of the gifts-which cost thousands of dollars-she applied for a tax exempt status and was granted it by the IRS in June, 2008.

Our Mission is to Encourage Nursing Homes Residents with Five Encouraging Spiritual Acts:

  • Words of Faith
  • A Genuine Hug
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Quality Time of Excellence
  • Service in Prayer with Bible Study

We, the Nursing Homes Spiritual Helper Organization, believe in touching others' lives by showing genuine affirmation. We find that when these nursing home residents are told that they are truly loved, it makes a real difference in their emotions and hope for that peace that only God can give through their faith. Our job is to help them find that faith and hope through our prayers and good will. The quality time we spend with them is priceless to the residents. The residents have said on many occasions that they would rather have us spend some time with them rather than bring gifts-quality time with good and encouraging conversation. Some of them are the forgotten class. These acts of service, such as regular weekly visits, Bible study and prayer as needed or when desired, are standard things that we do. The gifts are like icing on a cake-no matter how small they are, they bring genuine smiles.


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